RAW restaurant, La Suite West, Bayswater

28 January 2014

Last week we went to Raw La Suite West, Bayswater.  It is swish, swish, SWISH.

Get me an apple & cucumber juice.  Refreshing, healthy and pretty…

Complementary bread and oil….  All vegan of course!

And a complementary pot.  It has carrot, avocado foam and some sort of fennel flavour.  This looked soooooo good.

There was a lot of choice on the menu, we picked a couple of starters and afternoon tea…

CAULIFLOWER SAMOSAS│wasabi honey mustard│mango chutney
SHIITAKE-MAKI│radish “rice”│pickled ginger│ tamari soy sauce

And then we had afternoon tea.  A particular favorite of Mitsy…

Although I just realised that we forgot to order tea or coffee for that matter!

Good sandwiches, even better scones, fresh strawberries and coconut cream.

And then a selection of raw desserts…

Lunch was £50 for two including tip.  Recommend the afternoon tea.

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