30th January 2014

Our family mini adventure this month led us to Portsmouth where we took a ferry or two, partook in some shopping at Gunwharf Quays and took in the views from the Spinnaka Tower.

Breakfast was free at the Holiday Inn Express. There was fruit and cereal, I didn’t ask about soya milk as I had already decided on beans on toast.

We had dinner at Las Iguanas one of the many restaurants at the shopping centre. Surprisingly all the restaurants I checked out beforehand had separate or clear information about vegan options on their websites.

From the separate menu at Las Iguanas I ordered cassava fries and the gringas. Neither were particularly exciting but it was also 2 for 1 on the cocktails so I didn’t care!

After some very helpful advice over on Facebook I could not pop into the Southsea Coffee Co, a super cute little cafe serving Jaz and Jul’s hot chocolate plus several vegan cake options. The day I went they had lots of raw bars and cupcakes. It was too busy to stay, which merely reinforced our decision that should you be at the seaside it’s only right that you have some chips. So, I got my hot choc and banana chocolate chip cookie to go and we headed for the seafront for some deep fried action.

Oh but wait, let’s not forget the pizza for the journey home later. From Casa De Castro, it was very similar to Pizza Hut deep pan. The Lil Man polished off most of the cookie and the pizza when we got back greatly enjoying both, doing something to ease my guilt that he couldn’t come with us as he had school.

Back to the seafront it was too cold and blustery to sit on the beach so we parked up and enjoyed some really good chips and the view from the comfort of the car.

And what a view it was.


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