Food for thought

15 February 2014

It’s quite a nice surprise when a restaurant you haven’t been to for a long while serves up something that is totally delicious and really really perfect for that moment.

Imagine a cold and windy winters evening in London.  You have a relative visiting, my cousin, who fortunately has the same good taste in food as me.  I want to take her somewhere nice for dinner.

We walked to Neils Yard, that cute little square up from Covent Garden that has a back rub place, Neils Yard and some restaurants.  I thought we could try the raw food cafe there, Wild Food Cafe but the door was closed.  They are closed in the evenings unless there is a private event on.

Time was ticking on, we were getting hungry.  I thought about the falafel place around the corner which is really good too but then somewhere in the deep recess of my brain I recalled Food for thought…  it was just around the corner.

This cafe has an upstairs take out area, then if you want to eat in you head down the stairs into, I guess, the cellar….  There are an array of chairs and tables crammed into the space scattered around the food bar.  If you head towards the back, like I did you will find a seating den.  Perfect for 2!

And they provide free water, on the table in a jug.  It’s a small thing but it pleases me 🙂

Dinner choices, well I didn’t see beyond the special of the day. ROAST with a vegan symbol….  Yes please.

Roasted root vegetable & beetroot, cabbage mash, nut roast and gravy.  It was rich and tasty and PERFECT for the weather and my mood.  Unfortunately I was too full for dessert…  Although nothing really grabbed me otherwise I would have found room (you know me).

Dinner was £7.50 per roast.  A cheap meal in central London, were we sat for a couple of hours chilling and chatting in our den.  It’s an old find revisited and enjoyed.




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