Meridian nut butter review

27 February 2014

Has Meridian foods turned over a new nut butter leaf?

New packaging and new recipe?  These nut butters are 100% nut butters, there is no added sugar or palm oil.  It is VERY good.

In American you can grind nuts in the grocery stores, fresh and pure and you can take as much as you like.  This is the next best thing…

They need a bit of a stir each time you use them because the nut oil settles on the top but that is no problem with such a pure product.

The consistency is easy to spread and the taste is oh-so-nutty.  I, like you, LOVE peanut butter and there is always a jar in my cupboard. I can eat peanut sweet or savory (versatile)!  It must be said that I really liked this peanut butter. .

Vegan double chocolate hot cross buns are from Tesco.  There are no raisins in here only chocolate and chocolate chunks!

I use the almond butter in a green smoothie; spinach, apple, banana and a dollop of almond nut butter.

Even though I only used 1 tbs in the smoothie I could really taste the almond in the smoothie.  LOVELY!

I have finished the peanut butter, it took under a week.  The almond butter is in use.  The cashew nut is still safely ticked up in my cupboard and we are both looking forward to getting together soon…!


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