L♥ve: US Edition

28th February 2014

Here is a special US edition of things I loved during our trip earlier this month:

♥ Family. The main purpose of the trip this time round was to introduce our new edition to the American members of the family (who live in New Jersey and New York), most importantly Great Grandpa Ikeda who is 98 years old next month! Kobe the resident dog maybe the gentlest most docile dog I have ever seen, the Baby was fascinated by him.

East Sushi. I went for the same thing I had last time. Vegetable tempura and green dragon rolls.

Trader Joe’s. Usually my first point of call on every trip. Bit gutted that their chicken-less pulled chicken is a seasonal product, guess I will have to go back in the summer!

♥ Brooklyn.

{The Williamsburg}

Brooklyn Mac on Urbanspoon

{Doughnut sundae}

Dun-Well Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

♥ Vegan brie. This aged cheese by Kite Hill is pretty amazing, the texture is a little bit firmer than real brie, but the rind is spot on. I would love to try baking it.

♥ Unexpected good vegan lunches! Don’t you love it when someone else takes the reins and finds somewhere that has good vegan options?? This buckwheat pancake from Auray Gourmet had amazing balsamic glaze.

Auray Gourmet on Urbanspoon

♥ Snow. Although it nearly cancelled our trip, the Lil Man had so much fun playing in the snow with his cousins. It was actually pretty amazing just how much snow there was out there and everything was still working!

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