Scrummy Box…

17 March 2014

This month I got to try out a new healthy, natural box called Scrummy Box. Each box promises to be seasonal and festivities themed.  I am guessing the festival part is only application if there is some such occasion in the month… Maybe Easter… Halloween erm, Christmas.

Scrummy Box is £10 a box plus P&P, there is no subscription.  You can order any day of the month as long as they have stock.

What I got… It’s a lotta stuff for £10

Love the tea, had never tried it before.

Really liked the lime & chilli quinoa chips, nice and spicy.

The chocolate was like the 3rd thing I tried out of the box.  I’ve not tried this flavour before and won’t again.  I discovered something new, I don’t enjoy chocolate with perfumed flavour.  That is right, you read it correctly I didn’t like this chocolate….  Yes of course I ate it! Tsk.

Braw bars are GF, sugar free.  They are moist and gooey with a strong fruity flavour.

Our old friend nakd foods made an appearance but in a pleasantly, surprising new form.  I must say I enjoyed these bite sized chunks, I no longer enjoy the berry bars but loved these.  Go figure coz I can’t work it out!

There was more, I am still working through the box.  You can order your April box here, March has already sold out!

The only thing I don’t like on this website is that you can’t see what will be in the box, but judging by the one I got you wont be disappointed.  I


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