Review: Home-cooked Vegan Comfort Food

24th March 2014

Already a huge fan of Steen’s sandwich book I was really excited when I received a copy of (previously Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites) Home-cooked Vegan Comfort Food for review. I am already quite familiar with Steen’s style although here she has teamed up with someone different for the most part she still definitely likes to make you work for your supper!  I was glad to see there were in fact some simpler recipes, marked as ‘quick and easy’, my kinda meal.

It is actually a pretty hefty book with plenty to cook for all times/meals of the day, there are also some low fat, soy free, gluten free recipes. But as you would expect with a comfort food book, if it isn’t hearty than it’s fried, sugary or stodgy as all good comfort food should be.

You can see what I am making from the book here. Below are some of my favourite recipes:

Sloppy Jo-nis.

Bacon and egg breakfast sandwich.

June’s Swedish dessert blender pancakes.

Piggies in a blanket.

Lentil and bacon pot o’ stew.

Tofu jerky.

There are still lots of things I am looking forward to trying from this book like (and please note the awesome recipe names too) the hearty breakfast bowl, real men eat quiche lorraine, tofuevos rancheros, smoky pub cheese, five-cheese baked macaroni and cheese, French toast dipsticks…I could go on, but won’t as I’ll just be listing most of the book. 🙂








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