Review: Vegusto

31st March 2014

I won a mini Vegusto hamper during Vegan Mofo last year (yes bit late I know!), it contained Farmhouse sausage, Mushroom burgers, No-moo melty cheese, Piquant cheese and Mild Aromatic cheese.

It’s taken me a while to eat everything, they have pretty long use by dates which is good and I froze the sausages, so here’s what I have been doing with them:

I made a ‘green’ burger (using lettuce and avocado as the bun) with the mushroom and cheese burgers. I was actually a bit nervous about eating them the most as they look a bit icky in the packet but I liked them and found them to have a pretty meaty texture.

Both the hard cheeses are my favourite from the range and because I had already tried them both I gave the Piquant as a bonus item in one of my food swaps, as I know not everyone is able to get their hands on it. One of my favourite ways to eat the Mild Aromatic is in a ‘tuna‘ melt..

Tuna Melt

The Lil Man and I often have sharing plates (basically he likes to eat off the same plate as me!), every so often I do a big breakfast for us both, Baby likes to get in on the act now too. I had never tried their sausages before, texture wise they are closer to Field Roast or Tofurky rather than Linda Mc and they are one of my favourites now.

I have actually tried the No-Melty before a long time ago and wasn’t that keen on it, I am definitely up for giving it another go but haven’t got round to it yet. If anyone has any favourite uses for it, hit me up!

Thanks Vegan Mofo and thanks Vegusto! You can actually pop over to Vegusto’s online shop right now and they are offering these products as a starter pack at a discount price.



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