Review: Soulmatefood

5th April 2014

Last month I did my first ever juice cleanse. I had always been intrigued about them and as vegan that dabbles in raw food I kind of felt like it was a right of passage.


IT WAS TOUGH, but I surprised myself by being able to do it for the full three days. I looked at a few before I decided to go with Soulmatefood which was 70% off at the time, but even the cheaper companies were still pricey.


A lot of people asked me why I was doing it, curiosity was probably my biggest motivator, but returning to work was also sapping me of my energy and I felt like I needed a kick start. However after day three I was still not quite sure what the point of it was. I suppose the results for me were always going to be more subtle than someone who isn’t vegan  and eats lots of sugar and drinks caffeine. I had periods of feeling sleepy and hungry during the first two days, but also energy bursts too, pretty similar to how I feel normally! The last day was definitely the easiest but I was glad to reach the end.

It wasn’t till a couple of days after I had completed the cleanse that I noticed that there was an actual difference in how I felt, not just physically but mentally.

The best way I can’t describe it is that it feels like I pressed a reset button. I am back on the green smoothies, snacking on things that are better for me and my cravings have gone.


The juices were all delivered overnight/early morning so I was good to go the day of delivery I selected and it contained a variety of . I would be hesitant to do a five day cleanse (not just because  I feel like it would be too loooooooong) as by day three the quality of the juices had definitely diminished.

Would I do it again? Yes I think I probably would, if the price and the time is right.

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