Vegan tapas

27 April 2014

Yesterday afternoon, for some reason (I think it was the new potatoes I had just bought), I decided to make patatas bravas and an aubergine thing.  The aubergine thing was going to be in a rich tomato sauce.

Oh yes and then there were the cute little green peppers – Padron peppers. Fry in olive oil and sprinkle with salt.  I only bought these because I overheard a lady in the green grocers gushing about how good they are. Fortunately she left a couple so I could buy some, it really was only a couple!

These are so good, bitter and salty.  Apparently 1 in 10 is hot.  I must have had 9, none of mine were hot.

So there I am in the kitchen, potatas bravas in the oven, fried aubergine soaking up the rich tomato sauce, peppers cut and ready for light frying.  Ping (light bulb moment).  I have chorizo…. chorizo tapas – in an onion, bay leaf and red wine sauce.

What will bring it all together?  Bread.  Walnut bread specifically.

Best dinner EVER.  Well for awhile anyway!  Try these recipes, it is all really easy to make and best of all there are left overs.  Guess what I am having for dinner tonight?!!



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