The Queen of Sheba

11 May 2014

OMG BEST FOOD EVER at the Queen of Sheba in Kentish Town.

Why haven’t I been here sooner?  I have no satisfactory answer for this question.  I wish I had been sooner.  Seriously, there is good food, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is friendly.

There is also an element of surprise with the food…  What is under here please?

A large sourdough flat bread of course!  It is like a crepe.

We ordered the vegetable selection from the chefs special, with salad and spicy wedges.

How does it work?  Well the stew is spooned on to the flat bread, as was everything else and you use the flat bread to eat it.  The rolled up pieces of flat bread and then when you have eaten that you can start eating through the big flat bread :).

We shared food, I love sharing food.  We ate with our fingers, I love eating with my fingers!  We had chips and salad too, I love chips and salad.

Are you getting my enthusiasm?!  Go.  Don’t wait.  Stop missing out!



2 thoughts on “The Queen of Sheba”

  • I really want to go!! I’ve only tried Ethiopian twice and I need to eat it again soon…I should see if there are any vegan friendly Ethiopian places in Brighton.

    • The two restaurants that I know of in London are a little out of the way for me and although there are a couple of stalls about, there needs to be a restaurant a little more centrally. Then I would be very happy. 🙂

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