Redemption review

02 June 2014

I had a LOVELY evening out at Redemption alcohol free bar the other week. You know,  that pop up bar that has now found a permanent home at Goldfinger Factory, (tube: Westbourne Park).  It has been on our list for awhile now so we were happy to get there and try it out.

What’s on offer?  Read the board 🙂

This place has a cool, Shoreditch bar feel which was very nice indeed.  It was quiet, we had seats, there was no alcohol – this is all good for me!  I would go as far as to say I was feeling quite hip…. hip horray!

Goldfinger Factory – cool interior

This evening out was spend with the delightful mitsu (@m_tohappyvegans), lovely @veganmel, glorious @lucythevegan and marvelous @MrsREJC.  We talked, we laughed, we drunk (non-alcoholic) drinks, we ate.  It had all the right ingredients and was PERFECT.

Now enough about the cool clientele.  And back to the cool bar…

My mocktail was delicious, it was a berry one and sweetened with agave served in a jam jar.  The tap water is also served in a jam jar (see very cool & hip and whatever other word the kids are using these days).

Drinks in jam jars…

Our food was as follows:

Smoked almonds
Pesto & hummus dips
Harrisa, aubergine, olives (dips & bread)

They were kind enough to adapt the brushetta to a garlic mushroom topping as we were already having the having the dips with bread. Nice people.

Mushroom brushetta
Curry. Curry. Curry

New place so it would be rude not to try dessert.  Both are raw.

Carrot cake
Chocolate mouse

I seem to recall that one of the desserts contained eggs so make sure you read the menu carefully.  The staff are friendly so if you tell them you are vegan they can help you choose.

It was a lovely evening and a nice environment.  It is very much the gastro bar they describe themselves as and not a restaurant.

Perfect place for a chilled chat and light bite in a hip environment.







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