Marshmallow mix review

12 August 2014

It’s one of those things aren’t they, marshmallows, something we vegans can easily become obsessed with.  Why shouldn’t we be able to buy marshmallows that don’t cost the earth?

Ananda’s Marshmallow Mix offers us the chance to make our own quality vegans marshmallows :).

It costs £10.99 from Amazon and  makes 100’s… Literally 100’s.  There are 2 x the mixture so you don’t have to make them all in one go.  This is a good thing if you are a vegan living alone or no one else you know likes them!

Easy instructions and the website above…

Add cornflour to a tray to coat the outside of the marshmallows

Heat the sugar mix and add to the whisked, fluffed powder (only technical terms used here!).

Add mixture to tray to set.  Now in hindsight I can see I didn’t let the mixture heat for long enough.  Regardless they still turned out ok…

See 100’s!  Coat in cornflour and store. Easy!

The good thing about this pack is that with a bit of practice it might be possible to experiment with flavours 🙂

Next up foods with marshmallows…  Watch this space 🙂


1 thought on “Marshmallow mix review”

  • I’m glad you’ve reviewed this, you’ve reminded me I have a box of this in the pantry. I got it for a present and have been a bit scared to try it. They look great though, I must definitely have a go.

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