Costa del Sol, Spain

19th August 2014

For the most part of our family holiday in Spain this month I subsisted on white carbohydrates. Something I had pretty much resigned myself to before we left home. However, in amongst the copious amounts of chips, bread and crisps there were unexpected gems of deliciousness.

We stayed at Club La Costa in Mijas in self catering accommodation. I should probably have been a little better prepared for supermarket shopping but managed a few meals of pasta with a simple tomato sauce, bread and hummus, bread and avocado, bread and jam, bread and avocado, bread to infinity:



{ Hummus in a jar! }



There were several restaurants on the resort one of which had a larger range of vegetarian options that were also vegan. None were amazing but good if you’re only expecting to eat salad and chips I guess. On our last night we did have one of the best meals of the holiday at Safari where we checked off my holiday food bucket list veggie paella!

Safari, Club La Costa, Spain

We had a couple of really good meals in Fuengirola too which was about a 10 minute taxi ride from the resort. Bucket list item number two was tapas, I kinda like to enjoy the national dishes when I travel and we luckily picked a restaurant, Taberna Chinorros, where the staff spoke really good English. They pointed out all the vegan dishes and the girl was so sweet and apologetic about not having more options. Well you know what you can do about that TC. 😉

Taberna Chorros, Fuerngirola, Spain

{ Ah-mazing gazpacho }

Taberna Chorros, Fuerngirola, Spain

{ Patatas bravas }

Taberna Chorros, Fuerngirola, Spain

{ Aubergine }

Taberna Chorros, Fuerngirola, Spain

{ Spinach croquette }

Our second amazing meal in Fuengirola was at a Lebanese, Mezzenotte, where I had the best fattoush of my life.

Mezzenotte, Fuengirola, Spain

{ Hummus, baba ganoush, artichoke, falafel }

Mezzenotte, Fuengirola, Spain

 { Fattoush salad that dreams are made of }

There were plenty of ice cream shops in Fuengirola and the first one we ventured in had three sorbet flavours. By far the most exciting discovery was Stickhouse who actually advertised their vegan option on the shop wall!!! You could probably hear me squeal in England. I noticed many places advertising their gluten free options, hopefully vegan ones will be hitting the Spanish main stream too soon.

Verdus, Fuengirola, Spain

{ Verdus, manadarin sorbet }

Stickhouse, Fuengirola, Spain

{ Stickhouse, strawberry sorbet }

We also ventured to Marbella which was an hour bus ride. We had lunch at a small cafe, where again the staff spoke good English and rustled up a dish of fried vegetables for me. I have noticed that anything fried is literally swimming in olive oil, but this was really well seasoned and had about 10 cloves of garlic in it too so obviously it tasted good. I was told the next day that there is actually a Loving Hut in Marbella but after googling just now it’s shut down. What’s up with that Marbs??

Cafe Kubes, Marbella, Spain

{ Cafe Kubes, garlic fried vegetables }

I also noticed several places selling churros in Marbella but in the end didn’t get to ask if they were vegan suitable. I did get my churro fix a few days later at a cafe in Miramar shopping centre back in Fuengirola.

La Cabana, Miramar Shopping Centre, Fuengirola, Spain

I did all right didn’t I, considering I had done no research beforehand!

You can see more of what I ate here.



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