Review: Practically Raw

26th August 2014

I have only very recently dipped a toe in the waters of raw recipe books, one of the first being Pratically Raw by Amber Shea Crawley. I originally picked this one out as there is a whole section on kale chips, but I still haven’t managed to get round to trying any of them out.

Amber handily gives alternatives for ingredients and also cooked preparation instruction making this book ideal for anyone who is only just starting to look at raw but maybe hasn’t purchased a dehydrator yet. I really like the flexibility and the ingredients required for the most part aren’t so obscure that I can usually buy everything I need from my local supermarket. The book is pretty comprehensive all meals are covered, plus snacks, cheeses, milks and smoothies. All recipes are also gluten and soy free.

I have been finding myself going back to this book regularly when I want to make raw things and the more I use it the more I love it!

Some of my favourite recipes include:

Spaghetti alla marinara

{ Spaghetti all marinara }

Apple pie oatmeal

{ Apple pie oatmeal }

Curry-glazed cashews

{ Curry glazed cashews }

Cocoa corruption smoothie

{ Cocoa corruption smoothie – warning this is totally addictive!! }

Pesto pasta

{Pesto pasta }

Apple-cinnamon raisin bread

{ Apple-cinnamon raisin bread }

You can see other recipes I have tried here.

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