Quick and easy mallow things…

27 August 2014

So there I was, in the fortunate position of having a lot of home made marshmallows to use up.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have been in worse positions, like when I didn’t have a gazillion marshmallows to eat!

First thing first, I packed a tupperware box for the lovely Mitsu to try.  I got a thumbs up from her and her (non vegan) colleagues.  Yay!   Especially as I didn’t cook the liquid for long enough – this became more apparent the longer I kept them, they became looser.

Not to worry there is another bag of mixture to use up.

So what did I make?  Lazy (or easy) s’mores…..

Ingredients required: biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate.

I popped the moist marshmallows on top of the biscuit, melted chocolate and pour, add another biscuit on top.

Time to get messy!

I attempted rice crispies, they were soggie!

Next up is rocky road ice cream.  I made a basic vanilla ice cream from ‘the vegan scoop’ and added in chopped marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate….

The marshmallows melted into the ice cream (again this is because of the liquid), however, it was super tasty and really nice.

So what would you make if you were in my position?





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