L♥ve: Devon Edition

1st September 2014

Here is a special Devon edition of things I loved during our trip this month:

♥ Family. My in-laws; Nana and Grandpa Buck moved permanently to Devon last year and have since moved from Torquay to Paignton (5 mins drive from Epicentre. Which typically has now closed!). It was only a fleeting visit this week but it was lovely to see grandparents and grandchildren spending time together. They are still decorating the new house, which they reckon has not really been touched since the 1960s, I love a bit of kitsch but sadly all the lampshades (there were a LOT) are destined for the skip.


{ All original features }

♥ Nana Buck always makes sure I am catered for. Our first night I had ratatouille, which I prepped for with a totally dreamy view.



And there was a good supply of mushrooms for me too. Usually I just add a few mixed herbs to my fried mushrooms, but rooting through Nana Bucks spice rack I made use of the garlic granules and chilli powder I found there, plus the HP Sauce in the fridge. I now have a new favourite way to have my fried mushrooms!

Garlic chilli mushrooms on toast

♥ Touring. We spent the day in Exeter, exploring the quayside, Cathedral and Herbies (naturally :)).

Exeter Cathedral

Herbies, Exeter

{ Brownie as highly recommended by Lustrous Musings }

The Plant Cafe located on the Cathedral Green caught my eye, everything is vegetarian and they had several cake and (I’m assuming) salad options. I bought a carrot cake for later, which turned out to be super duper clever of me as it was delicious.

The Plant Cafe, Exeter

The Plant Cafe, Exeter

♥ More touring, this time a day in Newton Abbott. Home to the House of Marbles and Trago Mills (such a weird place, but they have vegan burgers!).

The Marble House, Newton Abbott

Trago Mills, Exeter

{ The turrets of Trago Mills – don’t ask }

Trago Mills, Newton Abbott

{ The vegetarian burger from the takeaway shop in the Trago Mills restaurant complex }

♥ The seaside of course. Sadly the weather was really pooh, but we still took a stroll by the sea, along the pier and indulged in a little shoot em up in the arcades.



2 thoughts on “L♥ve: Devon Edition”

  • Nice to see your Devon pictures. I live in Torquay (and often run off to exeter) and it can be hard to find cool veggie things here as a lot of the business owners are stuck in the seventies and think Fawlty Towers is a training manual but there is something nice about the place. Probably the sea.

    • Thanks! I do love it down there too, I guess because it always feel like a holiday when I’m there, which it is really!

      I will hopefully be back at Christmas, is there any where else you would suggest, I’ve never tried Fat Lemons or Willow (or are these the Fawlty Towers you are referring too…?).

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