Veganism for little ones pt1

9th September 2014

Vegan Mofo is as good a reason as any to finally blog something I have been meaning to do since baby number one (who is now 5!!). Baby number two is growing up pretty fast now (she’s 18 months) so it’s probably time to get round to the baby e-book I have had on the back burner for a good few years. Rather than an e-book I will be doing several blogs this month about vegan food for kiddies.There is already some baby related content on the blog which you can find using the tag ‘green baby‘.

Today I am starting with food on the go.

I prefer not to use plastic containers to carry food around in alternatives I like are: thinkbaby feeding setsThermos feeding flasks and another brand I’ve seen but don’t own is LunchBots. These are ideal for transporting homemade lunches but to make life easier I supplement homemade with prepackaged. Elle’s Kitchen is a brand I used a lot with for my son and now my daughter. They have expanded their range over the years and now have more vegan options for stage 2 and 3.  Plum also have several vegan options but all stage 1.

Ella's Kitchen

Whenever I go out I always take a plentiful supply of snacks. I avoid adding sugar and salt to anything I make for my daughter. I usually find with the muffins and cookies I bake bananas make a perfect egg replacement with dried fruit acting as the natural sweetener. The recipes I will be adding to our recipe section soon can be made in large batches and then frozen meaning you can just take out what you need first thing in the morning.

Baby's Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

Most large supermarkets will have a good range of ‘junk free’ organic snacks look out for Elle’s Kitchen again and Kiddylicious and Organix. It is very easy to be taken in by the cute packaging – raisins are a very good example, you will see these wrapped up in little boxes with colourful pictures, it is much more economical and less wasteful to buy a bag of organic raisins and fill up a pot to take out. You may also see bags of mini rice cakes, both my children love the adult sized unsalted ones, Kallo do wholegrain ones too.


{ homemade popcorn another good snacking option }

Never forget natures own, fresh fruit comes in the perfect ‘packaging’ for on the go snacking and it’s biodegradable too. 🙂



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