Homemade (quick and easy) savoury goodies

14 September 2014

Vegans miss out.  You got to be kidding me!  Our food is better than ‘normal’.

Why?  Because we have to use our imagination and creativity with unusual ingredients to create something orgasmic.

Or we use that imagination and creativity to recreate non vegan food in a vegan way!

Mixed vegetable omelette made with a bit of Vegg and omelette mix from ssov.

Ready made pizza base from Sainsbury’s (they freeze too) so all you need to worry about is your topping.  With ‘cheese’ or without?

Mexican baby…

Hot dogs!

Nothing listed here is home cooked from scratch because sometimes dinner needs to be quick ‘n’ easy and a little bit junky.  Don’t you agree?!

Equally though no one here *points a self* is missing out.  🙂



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