99 problems but a nut milk bag ain't one

16th September 2014

Nut milks are big at the moment. Obviously us vegans are used to having nut alternatives to dairy but there is a definite move away from soya happening in the main stream. In addition to Alpro and Provamel branching out into nut milks, there are companies like The Pressery or Raw Fairires who make nut milks exclusively and even offer a delivery service akin to the milk man of old. I am also aware of two coffee shops that are now also making their own almond milks in house Kaffeine and New Row (I have also heard that Starbucks is trialling coconut milk in some of their US stores).

Personally soya is not my first choice and I do actually prefer almond milk in my matcha lattes, so, how hard could it be to make it myself??

As you have to soak the nuts first you need to prepare well in advance, however the process itself is really simple and yet, oh so satisfying. I am by no means a novice in the kitchen, but there was something definitely fulfilling about having a nice jug of milk, that I had made, at the end of it. I felt like a dairy maid. A kick ass, no calves died in the making of this milk, dairy maid.

I used the recipe from Practically Raw. This called for soaking the nuts overnight, which definitely made them noticeable plumper.

Soaked almonds

Then blending with lemon juice, salt (which I left out), water and dates to sweeten.


I almost came a cropper as I don’t own a nut milk bag. A bit of Googling offered up net curtain as an alternative. Which I also don’t have. But I do have muslin squares (being a mother of two ensures a plentiful supply), which it turns out work perfectly!

Almond milk

So after lining the jug with the muslin, in goes the almond mixture and then time to strain out the milk.

Almond milk

Then my favourite bit, gather up the ends, twist the top, then squeeeeeezzzzzeeeee (not easy to do whilst taking a photo with the other hand, hence the rather sad stream of almond milk below).

Almond milk

I dehydrated the ‘pulp’ which will become almond flour to use to make something else. No waste here.

We have enjoyed the milk with matcha, porridge and I flavoured up the remaining milk with cocoa nibs to take into work. Totally addicted now!

Almond milk matcha latte


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3 thoughts on “99 problems but a nut milk bag ain't one”

  • Homemeade almond milk is the best! I rarely buy it anymore (just in emergencies) and much prefer the taste and creaminess of the homememade stuff. As I make it regularly I do have a nut milk bag- uou can get them really cheaply and they’re easier to clean than muslin- just rinse under the tap.

    • The muslin actually cleaned easily under the tap too. But mine are pretty well worn in! I think I will be giving cashew a go next 😉

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