Throw it together muesli

17 September 2014


Are you like me?  You have 100’s of ingredients hanging out in your store cupboard that you bought with good intentions to use but with one thing and another (otherwise known as life), you never got around to using them up.

So there you are one day bored, nothing else to do and so you decide to clean out the store cupboard.  It’s been a job that you’ve wanted to do for a way but other (more interesting) things kept intervening.  So today’s the day to sort out all that food.  And fingers crossed it is not all out of date yet.

As you pull out each packet it’s a journey down memory lane as you recall the recipe that inspired the purchase and then got forgotten. Hurrah!  It’s still in date, pop it back in the cupboard (soon to be forgotten again until the next clear out).

Well low and behold I turned around and an assortment of oats, dried fruit and other goodies caught my eye plus a bag of goldenberries I was sent to review and hadn’t yet decided what to make…

I felt a strong urge to throw together some muesli and so the name of this blog was born!  And it will go perfectly with Mitsu’s almond milk recipe.

Finished product

Good things about making your own muesli;

1. You can use the ingredients you like

2. You can hide foods you should be having daily in there

3. No added sugar

4. Use up stored food before it gets up and walks out of your cupboard, taking itself to the bin.

5. Add as much or as little of each ingredient as your taste buds like

My ingredients are; oats, chai seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chopped almonds, goldenberries, sultana’s and apricots…

And there you go.  Have a rummage in your cupboard and make yourself a superb breakfast!





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