A couple of coconut milk recipes…

18 September 2014

Coconut has never been my thing.  I have never enjoyed it and would swerve any coconut food, sweet or savory by a mile and a bit.

That is until recently…

Having given this some serious thought I know the reason why.  There is a lot of poor quality imitation coconut which has been giving that nut a bad reputation. A seriously bad one in my view.

And then wham bam.  Um hello Rhythm 100% virgin coconut milk…

So I decided to add some of this to a veggie korma curry before opening and tasting.  Good thing, bad thing?  Well a good thing because it stopped me consuming the whole packet straight!

Seriously thick, creamy and sweet.  It will be available from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Holland and Barrett (and other independent health stores) for £2.99 for 200g.  So good.  It is worth it.

Right on with the food.  Main course is veg korma and dessert is a rich chocolate mousse.


I lightly fried everything in oil, added paste then chickpea’s plus water.

Then I added in a couple table spoons of coconut milk.

Look at it melt in!  Lovely.

Tasted the curry, it’s good but I am saving it for tomorrow.  I wanted the flavour to settle overnight.

I decided to make a chocolate mousse.  Ingredients are coconut milk, melted chocolate and a dash of almond milk to fix consistency.

This was rich, a real treat.

This coconut milk elevated everything I made some what.


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