Summoning seitan

22nd September 2014

Seitan does not appear to be quite so popular here as it is in the US. I very rarely come across it in shops (usually in tins or jars) and you’re even less likely to see it in veggie restaurants unless it’s those Chinese buffet type places.

Amico Bio used to serve a seitan ragu way back, this actually might have been the very first time I had ever tried it. I think this is also one of the very few dishes I have actually enjoyed at this restaurant too.

Amico Bio, Smithfields

Ever ahead of the game  The Vegan Ronin makes fab seitan, seek her out on Twitter to find out how to place an order. It’s about time I made one too!

Maple beican croissant

{ Jhenn’s beicon in my maple bacon croissant }

Slowly the rest of London seems to be catching on and if you know where to look it is popping up here and there. I recently picked up some vacuum packed in Planet Organic. Not the prettiest but I really enjoyed it in a bagel with some avocado and hummus.

Sojade roller seitan with spinach

{ Sojade setian roll with spinach }

Over on Instagram I heard rumours of a stall at The Boiler Room on Brick Lane serving seitan burgers. How could I not check it out???!

Seitan's Kitchen, The Boiler Room, Brick Lane
{ Seitan’s Kitchen. Filled with Vegusto No-Muh. They also doing seitan to order }

If you head over to Portobello Road Essential Vegan has a pop up cafe where you can also buy a seitan burger!

Of course you can make it yourself using vital wheat gluten flour, but I have not yet had the inclination (I know how every unlike me!), well not yet anyway…



You can now get awesome setian ribs from Ethos!!

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