Vegan goodies

27 September 2014

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s new and best case scenario, chocolate.

Yes that is kinda how all my conversations go with Mitsu.  New. Chocolate. New chocolate.  Stamps foot.  I hear that this weekends VegfestUK is full of new vegan goodies and chocolate.  Wahoo.  It’s exciting!

On that note here are some other new vegan goodies I have found recently.

I purchased these cookies from my detox shop in Greenwich.  They are vegan and gluten free, crunchy, chocolaty and low cal.  8 cookies cost £2.69.

I picked these burgers up from wholefood market.  I hadn’t seen them before so I am not 100%  sure if they are actually new or not! They taste good.  I eat a lot of veggie burgers so it’s always good to try something different.

I first bought this at Vdelicious.  It’s soooo good.  Whole foods sell small bars now.

Again low cal cookies.  Tasty, crunchy…  good

Get me some granola and coconut yogurt and I am one happy vegan….

Also from wholefoods Coyo vanilla and nutmeg ice cream.  I love the flavour but its rock solid in the pot and costs £7.99!  Save it for a special occasion 🙂

What new vegan goodies have you seen?


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