Veganism for little ones pt 2

28th September 2014

Okay let’s talk mealtimes.

Speaking from experience when my son started eating proper meals I literally couldn’t find any egg, dairy and meat free children’s recipe books. There are guides to bringing up a vegan child such as Feeding your Vegan Infant – with Confidence by Sandra Hood and Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide by Rose Elliot which are informative but include only a few recipes mainly for when the child is weaned. So, I used a skill that all vegan cooks develop – I veganised.

The library which has always been my friend, has continued to provide. I can spend hours looking through the cookery section, however I never limit myself to just the vegetarian books. There is a huge amount of non vegan recipes that can be easily made vegan and child friendly or provide you with the inspiration to create your own. Allergy free cook books are a good one to start with as some of the things you want to cook without will already be omitted.

I don’t know if the situation has improved with regards to vegan recipe books for children as I’m still using my trusty old Carol Temperley book for my second child. Here are a few more ideas and recipes for mealtimes I use for them both.


This post covers CEREALS, I prefer to go sugar and salt free for as long as/whenever possible with my kids.

Sugar free chocolate PORRIDGE recipe [coming soon]. Don’t forget my top tip, rather than buying baby porridge get organic oats and blend till a fine powder instead. You can also add dried fruit or if you have a dehydrator, dehydrated slices of banana before placing in a high speed blending to flavour your oats.

TOAST (like I need to tell you this but..) for a simple and filling breakfast look out for reduced or no salt yeast spreads or top with fried mushrooms with herbs, avocado, reduced sugar and salt baked beans, no sugar fruit spreads or lemon curd


Mashed Avocado on Bread { Avocado on toast }

Sunwheel Pear & Apple Spread

{ Sunwheel fruit spread }

I also make PANCAKES/WAFFLES most weekends. If you are using a recipe that calls for sugar as wells as maple syrup leave out the sugar adding some blended banana to sweeten naturally if you so wish.

Banana waffles

{ Banana waffles }

Still to come dinner/lunch ideas and baking.




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