VegfestUK 2014

28 September 2014

VegfestUK organised their festival in perfect timing to be included in the last blogs of vegan mofo 2014.  A perfect plan or purely incidental?

Who cares?!  As long as there is a room full of new and exciting, well known and tasty vegan food we’re happy.  Right?!

I mainly bought chocolate…  No surprises there then, a bit of cake and some hoots.

4 bags for £1. :).  They are little flavoured bread pieces.  Really full of flavour. Tasty.

And now the chocolate…  I have grouped it so that it doesn’t look like I have bought that much!

4 Vego for £10, plus a mini orange moo free which I haven’t tried.  The other bar was a little pressie from the lovely Mitsy moo.

Oh and of course a box of cocoafeliz.  There was a stall full of hand made chocolates, many many flavours.  You got to pick your own. It is 8 chocolates for £10.

I chose banana caramel, peanut butter, hazelnut among others.  All flavoured chocolates seem to come in milky, dark and white.  As a vegan you get use to limited choice or only having one option available.  Suddenly to presented with so much chocolate made it so hard to choose!  But I am not complaining.

Mr Nice Pie mushroom and ale was another present from my better vegan half.  Isn’t she lovely… (I feel a Stevie Wonder song coming on…).  I haven’t tried it yet but heard they are delicious.

Cream cake from Big Fat Vegan Bakery…  The stall looked amazing.  So much to choose from!  I was going to say too much but that sounds more like a complaint.  Good news is that Vx stocks these items if you couldn’t make it to VegfestUK.

And Oreo brownie and chocolate chip cookie from Ms Cupcake.  I ate the cookie on the way home.  Seriously no one makes a better chewie choc chip cookie.

Because I bought so much food and I am a practical girl at heart I cut up all the cake for freezing.  This is me trying to have some self control!

There is more…  Badger’s dairy free egg mayonnaise

New millionaires pudology pudding – there was another offer 4 for £5 🙂

OMG the best maki roll EVER from the happy maki.  I had the sweet potato sushi wrap.  Amazing.  The trouble is that she mainly goes to festivals, no markets.

And because I am a sucker for an old favourite I bought Ananda’s wagon wheel too.

There was loads of other vegan goodies; healthy goodies, ‘milks’, raw treats, goodies, nakd bars and more usual suspects.  This is a blog about a few of my favourite things, what I bought today :).

The festival was good this year, lots of space and we got there early so didn’t queue for anything, well apart from getting in!  There are lots of tasters available.  And lots of deals so when you go take along some bags for carrying all your tasty treats and cash to pay for them :).






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2 thoughts on “VegfestUK 2014”

  • Wish I’d gone for Happy Sushi for lunch! I had a disappointing corn tamale from Rupert St which sadly was bone dry and tasteless.
    I pretty much just bought chocolate too! My favourite was Cacao Crudo’s raw chocolate.

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