Tanya's cafe, Chelsea

30 September 2014


Hey hey hey there’s a new raw place in London….  A big London welcome to Tanya’s cafe, Chelsea.  And it’s open everyday 🙂 which is good, it’s flexible and it’s expensive.  I would say more expensive than SAF, if that’s possible!

After a great morning at the London Vegfest I thought I would swing passed Tanya’s cafe.  It was more of a practical decision, it being on my way home rather than me being hungry.  Also I was equipped with my freezer bag, perfect for carrying take all the way home.

I arrived at 2pm on Sunday after noon and the place was packed, so it was a good thing I didn’t want a table!

I ordered from the menu.  You may think I am boring but I opted for some of the usual raw food; lasagne and pad thai and a juice while I waited…

I must say bottled juices never make me happy.  For maximum health benefit I have heard they need to be juiced and drink within a close timeline.  Although clearly it is still much better for me than a coke!  Perspective!

Pad thai


It was wrapped, packed and parceled nice and quickly.  I think take out might jump the queue. 🙂

So I had it for dinner with the sweet potato wrap from happy maki (from Vegfest London).

I would love to eat like this every night, wouldn’t you?!  It meant that I had enough room for sweet treats I brought from vegfest!  And I had leftovers for yesterday too 🙂



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