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03 October 2014

I think I forgot to tell you about my lunch at VegfestUK London…  Hello Hungry Gecko

“Jackie Kearney was a top 4 finalist in BBC One’s MasterChef 2011.”  Remember?  The one and only vegetarian contestant who got somewhere.

Banh Mi Buddha
Bombay Frankie

OMG really good wraps.  Really tasty ingredients and sauces.  Unfortunately for me they are based in Manchester.

Other supplies have been lasting me well, I still have chocolate for example. Oh yes I do!

Remember Badgers dairy free egg mayonnaise?

My sandwich of choice this week has been fakon and egg mayonnaise…

And then I added in sprouts and had it with hoots (LOVE THESE!).

Amy’s burger or my burger made by Amy kitchen.

So yup I have been eating like a queen post festival.  Long may it last!  What about you?  Did you go and is there anything left?  I know my supplies wont last long.  Ha!



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