Not really a risotto…

10 October 2014

It’s official.  It’s cold. I am not happy about the weather.  I am protesting. Silently.  By refusing to put my summer wardrobe away.

I just reread that, it sounds like I have a lot of clothes.  I don’t.  It is summer t-shirts or winter t-shirts.  So I am walking around in summer t-shirts in silent protest hoping that the sun notices and feeling sorry for me it will turn up the heat.  I am not hopeful but I will continue.

One good thing about cold weather is winter food.  One good thing about walking around in summer t-shirts is the carbs I can eat because I am burning them by being cold.  Every cloud… 🙂

On with the recipes….  First up is herbs from my garden, rosemary and bay leaf

I decided to make a stew and I thought I would use rice to thicken it but really it became a veggie risotto but with wholemeal rice and not made in a traditional risotto way!  Yes I winged it.

I decided to use yellow chard and the last of the courgettes from the garden…

I sweated garlic, onions, celery, carrots and then added in chard and broccoli.

Then I added stock, water and some rice.

In the end it looked like this 🙂

And I made some soup.

For dinner I had DOUBLE carbs.  Double carbs 🙂

I must say that even though I didn’t end up making what I planned, yes this happens a lot, it was really nice.  And I am not just saying that.  The veggies had a really nice softness and sweet flavour, just like a stew in fact.  So maybe I made a stew without the sauce…!



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