Vegan rice pudding

14 October 2014

I blame Gordon Ramsey and the cold weather for my latest cooking adventure.  At least this time I used the right rice!

You know the drill.  Get inspired.  Search the recipe, I look for vegan versions and non vegan ones.  I choose according to what best with my current ingredient stock, or what sounds better to me at that time.  I am going through a nutmeg phase at the moment…

Gather ingredients.

As you can see I opted for almond milk and cream.  Also I forgot the vanilla essence but it was still sweet, creamy and comforting so all was not lost. Although I recommend you try it with the vanilla essence!

There really is rice in here.

Bake in the oven for a couple of hours, until a skin forms.  Sounds gross, tastes good! 🙂

You can add jam but I kept it simple.

Rice pudding is a marmite thing for sure.  You either love the stodgy comfort or hate it.  And there is nothing worse than horrible rice pudding.  I kept it simple but next time I might try adding in some cinnamon, orange peel and cardamon pods.

So the final question is how do you like yours (if at all?)?

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