the Coconut Collaborative review

20 October 2014

Coconut yogurts, coconut milks, coconut water, coconut ice cream or sorbet, these things are everywhere.  There is definitely a trend going on right now and it’s not just a vegan product its for everyone and it’s vegan.

Embracing the coconut trend is new for me because I use to be such a hater! However with some regular coconut water consumption I have now changed my ways and like it!  Well some of it at least.

I first heard/met/saw the coconut collaborative at the UK allergy free show earlier this year (blog here).  Before that I had only tried coyo, which is also good.

Coconut collaborative has a thinner texture and offers different flavours.

Mango & passion fruit

The packaging is cute, and colourful and full of coconutty information too!  It is a bit much to have cardboard packaging on each dessert though.

My favourite is definitely plain.

If offers the most flexibility, whether adding to muesli or a savoury dish (to give a creamy texture) or so I can turn it into a chocolate pudding.  Yes I did!

Just add agave to sweeten. 🙂

It’s great there is even more vegan dessert alternatives available and these definitely fall into the yogurt category, another alternative to soya yogurt. They also make a cold desert – snowconut.  Yet to be tried and tested 🙂

Price wise it is comparative to coyo and then that also depends where you shop.  I say give it a go and as always decide for yourself 🙂 x


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1 thought on “the Coconut Collaborative review”

  • I have the same love for this stuff. I think I’m addicted to coconut. It finds its way into almost everything that I eat. Coconut macaroons, coconut toasted chips, coconut smoothies, coconut pancakes…the list is endless. I even make coconut jam. And I keep a bottle in almost every room in my home. No wonder they call it the “tree of life”.

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