Bake-a-Boo, West Hampstead

30th October 2014


I’m glad to hear it Bake-a-Boo! And they love us so much they invited us to an event held last night where we got to try out some of their vegan cakes.

I have been to Bake-a-Boo once when I was not long a freshly turned vegan and the options for vegan cake, particularly cupcakes, were few and far between. They specialise in allergy free cakes so I was excited to hear that they since February they have added a vegan option to their afternoon tea.

The shop was just as cute as I remembered, Sash was unable to attend but the Lil Man and I went along.

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

There was a selection of cakes and also naked cupcakes to decorate ourselves.

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

{ Fruit cake }

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

{ Banana cupcakes }

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

{ Chocolate cake }

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

{ More sprinkle eating than cupcake decorating going on here I think! }

Highlight for me was definitely the scones and coconut cream, we had quite a few of those between us…

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

Bake-a-boo, West Hampstead

Who wants to come back with me (someone else apart from the Lil Man :))??!

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