Loving Hut, Archway

6 November 2014

Hot dinner date with lovely Mitsu moo = dinner at Loving Hut, archway.  And who said being vegan was boring anyway?!

But we didn’t get there right away.  We had to go through a process (long instant message conversation).  “Where do you want to go? What do you fancy eating”  You know the drill.  It usually ends with “let’s think about it” OR Mits trump card “I’ll check THE LIST”.

So in theory “the list” is an on going list of food places that we have seen/heard/read about and want to go to and to ensure we don’t forget we (Mitsu) keeps a list.  I say “in theory” because I am a little suspicious that this list is not always consulted and Mits wings it.

But shhhhhh don’t tell her, I don’t mind because it always works out well.

Loving Hut is the closest thing us vegans have to a global chain with restaurants in US, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Hong Kong.  That’s pretty darn cool as far as I am concerned!

On to the FOOD.  In true Sasha & Mitsu style we ate before dinner….  Mits swung by that pop up restaurant on Camden High st that was making empanadas and tamales until 31st October.  It was very good.

It is veggies steamed in banana leaves.  Lovely!  The reason the photo’s are so dark is because we ate our 1st dinner on a bench outside our 2nd dinner venue.  That’s right, we are sophisticated.

We didn’t eat it all!  Really, we didn’t.  And the empanadas were saved for breakfast!

Right on to dinner :).  We shared the Mixed Hor D’oeuvres.

Included is: Barbecued Veggie Spare Ribs, Spring Rolls, Crispy Seaweed, Sesame on Toast, Samosas.

And then for my main I had Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Rice Pancake with veggie meat.

Mits had a burger.  Look how tiny her main was!

It was a lovely meal (both of them).  Have you been?   We will be back.



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