29th December 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Christmas dinner at Manna. Tradition with my gals is still holding strong!

Manna, Primrose Hill

 { truffle & prosecco risotto cocotte topped with golden breadcrumbs and served with purple sprout tempura }

Manna, Primrose Hill

{ sage & chestnut wellington, roasted potatoes, brussel spouts, baby carrots with a calvados jus }

Manna, Primrose Hill

{ mince pies with brandied custard }

♥ Work Christmas lunch. This year on a boat, food was okay but I kinda resign myself to subpar food when it comes to corporate events hence I look forward to Manna every year (see above!). In an odd twist of fate, I think my food might actually have been better than the vegetarian options. Luckily it wasn’t all about the food, there was also my amazing colleagues, the views, the cocktails and several games of spoof.


Hispanola, Victoria Embankment

{ Pearl barley casselea }

♥ Vegan date night. Food was involved. Obviously.

Tibits, Mayfair

{ I think almost everything at the Tibits buffet was vegan. Yay! }

Tibits, Mayfair

{ and 4 desserts!! Victoria sponge, sticky toffee pudding, pana cotta & mango mousse }

The Vegan Kind. This is one of the vegan food swap alternatives that we recommended after we wound up the UK Vegan Food Swap, so of course we said ‘yes please!’ when we were offered a parcel to try out. It’s a ‘lifestyle’ box so includes vegan non food items also. Sign up on their website to receive a box monthly, the guys over at TVK select the contents so you don’t know what you will be getting but that’s the best bit because who doesn’t love a surprise?!

The Vegan Kind


{ Hot chocolate with Consider It sea salt caramel (they make amazing truffle bars t00) }

♥ Jusrol (again). Finally got my hands on some Jusrol cinnamon swirls, and apple danish.

Jusrol cinnamon swirls

♥ Holidays. Have really been enjoying my time off work and  spent a lovely few days in the South West with Nana and Grandpa Buck over Christmas.

Preston, Devon

Paignton, Devon

Christmas Day


Hope you had a good Christmas too! x

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