Review: The Juice Executive

18th January 2015

First blog post of the year and how appropriate it’s all about a 3 day juice cleanse!

After looking at several juice providers I went with The Juice Executive, I have to admit this was primarily because they do nut milks, other juicers need to get with the nut milk program! They have 7 different flavours with flexibility to make your own selections of flavour and quantity of the 15 juices for a 3 day cleanse. I went for 2 of each flavour with an extra cacao cashew (which turned out to be a good call).

The Juice Executive

I did the juice in tandem with juicing goddess Mel which was great for motivation and competitions over who was the hungriest.

No juice plan was included so I piggybacked on the one Mel had requested. Unfortunately she’d gone with the default extra ginger glow so on day three I ended up having 3 nut milks. Oops.

There also wasn’t an storage instructions, my juices were delivered to my house when I was at work so I got them indoors to freeze 14 of the juices. This turned out to be a good call as the best before date was the day before I was due to finish (you are expected to start the cleanse on day of delivery).



So yeah, some of the juices didn’t defrost in time, did I just make slushy cleanses a thing? There was only two of the flavours I wasn’t keen on, but no problem I would just leave those ones out next time and up the number of the yummy virgin mary and pink roots.

It was quite a different experience to my first time as I felt pretty much awful for the last two days of it. I suffered the most horrendous headache from about 4 pm day two and hence couldn’t sleep properly and then I felt like I was jet lagged and nauseous for the remainder of the cleanse. I had been sceptical about the body ‘detoxing’ before, for me juicing is more a means to getting out of bad eating habits, but now I wonder just how badly I must have been eating over Christmas. :/

Day four I felt much better and have been since, I am no longer sluggish, tired and feel full of zing! I am looking to introduce a raw day once a week now so that I don’t slip back into those Christmas eating habits, well until Christmas of course. 🙂


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