L♥ve: Beauty Edition

15th February 2015

A special beauty addition of cruelty free brands I am loving at the moment:

OCC. I love vegan products to be loud and proud about their veganism!



A England. Pre-Raphaelite, Gothic inspired nail polishes. So in love. They also sell certain shades at a discount monthly, which is why my collection seems to be growing…

A England

OGX. Boots often have their shampoos and conditioners on special, however not all products are vegan so email them for a current list of suitable items.


Butter London. They also have shades for lips and eyes, contact them for a complete vegan list.

Butter London

Lush. They now do quite a large range of make up (anyone remember their sister brand B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful?), I replaced my finished Urban Decay concealer with Lush’s colour supplement which comes in a range of shades. At the same time I also bought some mascara, the packaging is cute however the brush is really too short and I didn’t actually notice any difference with or without it on, hence I had to look to Barry M (see below).


Barry M. Hopefully one day they will start marking the vegan products, it’s so annoying when you can’t just pick up something from the display and have to first try and get internet connection before you can look up whether it’s vegan or not on their website. Or better still maybe they will go all vegan. 🙂

Barry M



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