28th February 2015

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Alphabites. Thank you so much BEAR! Finally a kids cereal not loaded with sugar, it has annoyed me endlessly that all brands of cereal even the healthier ones all have added sugar. Recently the Lil Man has been begging for a particular brand of cereal and I just couldn’t bring myself to let him have it? Sweet treats for breakfast everyday just feels so wrong to me. It’s not the start I want him to have every morning. About 2 days later I came across Alphabites in Planet Organic and now we’re both happy!



Kiss Me Organics. They very kindly sent us some of their organic matcha to review. I’ve always been a big matcha fan and we’ve always drunk it in my family (my mum is Japanese) however you don’t just have to use it in the traditional way, I’ve used it in cupcakes before and now I like to make lattes and shakes with it. Matcha is pricey and I have tried a few different brands but this is definitely the best value at £18 (current price on Amazon) for 113g considering it’s also organic.


Sushi Samba. Mr Ikeda and I had a wedding anniversary dinner at the top of the Heron Tower. I’m pleased to say they’ve upped their vegan game since the last time I went and now have a separate vegan menu. My favourites from our evening were:

Sushi Samba, Liverpool Street

{EGGPLANT mustard miso }

Sushi Samba, Liverpool Street

{ PADRÓN PEPPER grilled spicy pepper, sea salt, lemon }

Sushi Samba, Liverpool Street


♥ Yoga and tall buildings. I like to do Yoga in unusual locations, so I am super excited about all the tall, tall buildings that are hosting classes at the moment. The Shard is amazing to begin with, but throw in a sunrise and some yoga and I’m in heaven.

Shard, London Bridge

Shard, London Bridge
♥ Tesco. Every little certainly does help, check out all the amazing vegan goodies on offer!


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