6th March 2015

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

Oli & Zoe Food Co. Or more specifically what the Lil Man is loving at the moment. We were very kindly sent samples of their slightly sweet and slightly sweet and salty pop corns. I’ve always super conscious about the amount of sugar in my children’s diets, with my little girl I’m still keeping her sugar free, but with the Lil Man who is now 6 it’s not so easy. So whilst I prefer no sugar, low sugar is a happy compromise for me, my son doesn’t feel like he’s missing out (he loved it) and I’m really pleased to see another company that has acknowledged that there is far too much sugar in the average diet of kids today.


Oli & Zoe's Food Co

Tower Bridge glass floor. Another fab Yoga date with @yogagirllondon, sadly no sun rise this time, in fact it was really dreary but still amazing views nonetheless.

Tower Bridge Glass Floor

Tower Bridge Glass Floor


Tower Bridge Glass Floor

Tower Bridge Glass Floor

Juicebaby. For ages I have been yearning to try their raw caramel slices. It turns out it was far too sweet for me, but loved the little shop and they in fact have officially got me over my pre-made chia porridge/pudding phobia.

{ Raw caramel slice }

Juice Baby, Chelsea


Juicebaby on Urbanspoon

Nama (again!). This time Sash and I went for dinner, the raw chilli with nachos was particularly amazing.

Nama, Notting Hill

{ Cheeseboard with Caesar salad in background }

Nama, Notting Hill

{ Chilli }

Nama on Urbanspoon

♥ Vietnamese. This is partly the fault of the girls I work with who are obsessed with City Caphe. It’s pretty addictive!

City Caphe, Bank

{City Caphe, Bun mi }

City Caphe, Bank

{City Caphe spring rolls are the best spring rolls EVER }

Chao! Now, St Paul's

{ Chao! Now, Bun hue with two types of tofu }

City Càphê on Urbanspoon

Chao Now on Urbanspoon

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