Review: Juice Tonic

17th March 2015

I really didn’t think I would be doing another juice cleanse so soon. I have found one raw day surprisingly easy to incorporate into my week although never seeming to be as prepared with more home made items as I would like.

But…work had been hectic and I managed to catch a cold which dragged on for over a month, I started craving junky comfort food which wasn’t actually making me feel any better. So I decided to get tough!

There are now some many juice bars popping up around London and endless online services to choose from. I think I found Juice Tonic on Instagram maybe? They cleanse is a little more than I’ve paid previously but their juices are organic and you get 7 of them (whereas previous cleanses I’ve done have had 5 juices).

This was the first time I’d liked all the juices supplied, even the carrot one and I am no fan of carrot juice.

Juice Tonic, Piccadilly

Oh except the charcoal! Luckily this was just a shot so I just grinned and beared it!

Juice Tonic, Piccadilly

Juice Tonic, Piccadilly

This time round no headache or nausea, day 1 and 2 I was feeling zingy but day 3 was super, super tough, yet I managed to hang in there. Each cleanse seems to be a different experience but day 4 I always feel so good every time. 2015 may be the year of the juice for me!

Juice Tonic, Piccadilly

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2 thoughts on “Review: Juice Tonic”

  • How funny to see this post pop up. I was literally just checking out their website this afternoon! Glad to hear you had a good experience and that the juices were tasty. They look much better value than a lot of the cleanses on the market too. Might book one in for next week…

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