24th April 2015

Some of the things I have been loving at the moment:

Club Mexicana (again). As well as at Kerb you can now catch my beloved CM in residency at The Moveable Feast pop up just round the corner from The Shard. You can also find these other vegetarian vendors: The Salad Kitchen, Three Wheels Coffee and Not Dogs.


Club Mexican, London Bridge

Box Park (again). Since the lure of bubble tea led me to Box Park last year the vegan options there have grown. I think this veganism is stalking me! You can now find vegan eats at Thai and Lao, Milk, Tea and Pearl, FalafelisciousEast London JuiceCook Daily and the soon to open Voodoo Ray‘s who sell vegan pizza options at their Dalston branch, fingers crossed they won’t let me down.

Cook Daily London, Boxpark, Shoreditch

{ Vegan bowls times four for the girls at work }


{ Cook Daily }

Milk, Tea & Pearl, Boxpark, Shoreditch

{ The Usual: Mango mate, less jam, lychee jelly }

Shaun in the City. I’m over half way to getting all 50! See which ones I’ve collected so far here.

Shaun in the City

Shaun in the City

Cereal Killer Cafe. So the hipsters are eating cereal 7am to 10pm. I’m down with that especially as CKC have a vegan menu (if you ask for it) with a varied selection of non dairy milks, vegan cereals and vegan toppings. I’m not going to lie, my teeth were hurting after a pretty tame order of Apple Jacks topped with fresh fruit. If you do have a sweet though you can make yourself a crazy bowl of breakfast, lunch or dinner by mixing cereals and toppings. And, if you’re as old as me you can also get misty eyed and nostalgic over the 80s vibe they got going on.

Cereal Killer Cafe, Shoreditch

{ Sucker for a cute milk bottle }

The Vegan Grindhouse. How long have we been waiting for them to come to London? FOREVER! Their first visit did not disappoint where they showed up at the Urban Feast Fest last Saturday. I only realised they would be there on the day but luckily Sash and I were able to swing by. Best burger we’ve had in a looooooong time. Fingers crossed they’ll be coming down again soon.

The Vegan Grindhouse

The Vegan Grindhouse

{ Los pollos hermanos with BBQ sauce }

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Club Mexicana, Pamela, Dalston

14th April 2017 Club Mexicana in da (Pamela’s) house! Let’s not go into the huge disaster the first time I tried to go but make sure you book..and the right day…

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