Review: Juice Warrior

15th May 2015

I seem to be clocking up the juice cleanses and now settling into a monthly routine, I have switched this down from three days however to one. Is it better to do shorter juice days more often or do longer ones less frequently? I have no idea but I find one/two days relatively easy now and actually enjoy it (I think!) so I can’t see the point in prolonging something if it’s no fun!
So the need to juice this time came pretty much from being overworked. Long hours and stress was visibly taking it’s toll on me. I seem to be catching colds more regularly than I ever did, so I decided to give my body a break to work on keeping me healthy rather than processing all that food I love so much.

Now with colds I usually would slump into a carb filled coma but I made conscious effort to have smoothies every morning and keep a balance during the day. When juice day got closer I was so tired from working long hours all the week I was actually really looking forward to not having to worry about food.

This time around I went for a cleanse from a company based in Glasgow, Juice Warrior. Primarily I was drawn in by their flavours but also the cute packing and juice names didn’t hurt. 🙂


I went for the sweet cleanse supplemented with a pink russian and a matcha latte – got to have some nut milks in there! Complementary extras were a lemon, some teas and straws which I thought was a nice touch.

I was provided with a recommended order to drink the juices in which I veered away from slightly, but tried to stick to drinking one every 2 hours.

In the morning I worked my way through carrot juice, a ginger shot and a watermelon juice and experienced my first ever stomach rumblings on a juice cleanse!


{Per their serving suggestion I enjoyed the ginger shot added to hot water }


{ Not particularly minty but one of my favourites all the same }

By midday the hunger had abated but I noticed something else I experienced on my last cleanse – getting really, really cold? Since I was working from home I was able to layer up and get a blanket, but I don’t think it was any colder than usual that day.

I had one of the teas around oneish and sat down with my little girl for my lunch break and would happily have had a nap, this is no surprise as I had been so exhausted all week.

After 2pm I had my ever green and from this point on started to I perk up.

Work was busy, busy so I completely missed my 4pm drink but by this point I was feeling warmer and more awake. I had it instead around 5.40pm slightly miffed that everyone else in the house was eating chips although it turns out I wasn’t actually that hungry.

7pm I had one of the mylks which I had been waiting all day for, the pink russian, it was SOOO good.


There was a little hiccup with my delivery, which I was compensated for, but I enjoyed all the juices, particularly the mylks. If they were based locally to me I would definitely order from them again, but I do find the whole delivery thing quite a hassle in general (making sure someone is in, sometimes our door bell doesn’t work etc) and prefer to collect juices in person if I can.

Saying that I know they freeze well as I had the matcha latte today which has been the freezer since the original delivery.


Do you have a favourite juice company?

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2 thoughts on “Review: Juice Warrior”

  • Just ordered a 3-day! Surprisingly good value compared to London cleanses, even with shipping taken into account.
    I love the unique flavours and the packaging is v.cute too 🙂
    I’ve done a couple of cleanses before but not for a long time and it’s definitely feeling overdue.

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