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14th June 2015

Until we were contacted by La Belle Assiette earlier this month I had not heard of them  before. Their website allows you to hire private chefs to come to your home, cook a meal and clear up afterwards, basically having an ‘eating out’ experience but from the comfort your own home. So why would they contact us? Well I know for sure they definitely have one vegan chef on their books, but filtering the chefs on the website there are 12 + chefs that are able to cater to a vegan diet. Therefore they wanted to invite us to a vegan bloggers supper club, I RSVP’d immediately. 😀

Our chef for the evening was V-Curious Supper Club Rowena Humphreys. I literally just discovered her on social media a few weeks ago which I think is no coincidence and was obviously meant to be! There was a mix of vegan and non-vegan at the event, two other vegan bloggers; Coconut and Berries and Soy Division plus the hosts; a couple of very welcoming chaps who had allowed their home to be used for the event.

Throughout the evening Rowena was able to tell us a little about herself, her culinary influences and other things she is working on (I’m hoping to go to a yoga brunch she is doing next month). She was really engaging and clearly very passionate about vegan food and made the effort to talk to everyone despite working hard to prepare the food all evening. Having seen the menu beforehand I was especially excited because it featured dishes that were new to me. As a vegan you can get used to seeing the same old things or combinations of ingredients being offered again and again and if they are done well I have no complaint but trying something different is an experience I truly relish.


{ Rowena’s Surprise – Grapes covered in soft cheese (cashew I think) dipped in maple syrup and hazelnuts }


{ Chanterelle ceviche which was served with a pineapple and avocado puree }


{ Involtini di melanzane on a salsa verde – thin strips of aubergine stuffed with cauliflower ‘rice’ and ‘cheese’ }


{ Coconut whipped cream tiramisu }

So yeah, as you can see everything looked glorious and tasted that way too. I may pine for that tiramisu for a while which also had bourbon and lady fingers that Rowena had made from scratch. That yoga brunch cannot come too soon!

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