Meridian Press Event

2nd July 2015

This week I had a pretty much perfect morning at The Hospital Club attending a Meridian press event.

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

The day started off with a short but sweet class of yoga with Medelaine Shaw followed by much taste sampling and getting to know the lovely people behind the Meridian brand.

Meridian Press Event

{Nut bar samples }

Meridian Press Event

{Samples made using Meridian products as ingredients }

They’ve been a staple brand at Holland and Barrett for many years now, so most vegans will probably recognise them or heard of them as their packaging has been updated recently.

We discovered some ‘new’ products – products new to us as in barley malt and yeast spread (who knew!), but also their more recent venture into bars which I recall there being much excitement in my social media feeds when they first came out.

They have a wide range of nut butters, some of which we were lucky enough to be asked to review last year, but I was most excited to see they now do crunchy versions of almond and cashew (I like pulp in my orange juice and crunch in my nut spreads okay!).

Every person we chatted to was so genuine and full of enthusiasm for the brand. I found it really interesting to hear how their market has changed and evolved overtime in line with current food trends – ‘clean’ eating and people after healthy fats and protein to aid their workouts. What was most surprising to hear was how small their actual team is, especially considering how they are now available in several major supermarkets.

And how much do I love them for their Rainforest (no palm oil) pledge? A LOT. ♥

Meridian Press Event

Thanks again to Meridian for inviting us, keep up the good work!

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