Disney World, Florida

8th August 2015

I still have the holiday blues after an amazing 10 days in Florida mostly to frequent the wonder that is the Disney World.

Disney World, Florida

{ Epcot }

Disney World, Florida

{ Main street electrical parade }

 Unlike our visit a year and a half ago to the Disney Land in Paris, I was actually pretty impressed with vegan options that were available. They seemed to be on point with regards to allergies which works out really well for vegans too.


{ Mickey pretzel }

Of course much Googling occurred before we arrived and I noted down a few things to look out for. One of which was the Mickey pretzel which I spotted at various food carts dotted around all the parks. This one was from the Fantasy Land in the Magic Kingdom, I also had another one at Disney Hollywood Studios.


{ Vegetable and chips with hummus }

Not the most exciting meal, but I was almost shocked to find it since I had not been expecting to find anything suitable at a quick service restaurant we chose at random to have some dinner. This was from The Friar’s Nook in Fantasy Land at the Magic Kingdom, but I do recall seeing this as an option at at least one other QSR too.   P1230201

{ Vegetable burger }

Another from my list was the vegan burger, by chance we came across one at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. The bun that it comes with is not vegan (I KNOW) but the server knew this and offered me the vegan bun option! They have a top up station here too so I was able to add tomatoes, gherkins, jalapenos and onions.  We also went for lunch at ABC Commissary in Disney Hollywood Studios, they do have the veggie burger but it’s not on the menu, however they did not have the vegan bun so I had to have mine naked.



{ Dole whip }

Dole whip, I have no idea what it’s made from, I just know that it tasted like pineapple and it’s vegan! You can find it at Aloha Isle which is located in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.


Baby Cakes gluten free brownie cupcakes }

There is an ‘allergy’ kiosk that sells vegan cakes located in Animal Kingdom (The Garden Kiosk). You can also pick up a wider selection of Baby Cakes produce at their shop located in Downtown Disney.

Disney World, Florida

{ Chocolate brownie, chocolate banana and French toast }

Disney World, Florida

{ Cookies and cream donut }

Disney World, Florida

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