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31st August 2015

This year I have upped my juices and protein shake game. Like any vegan I am not worried about getting a protein deficiency [insert ‘where do you get your protein’ facepalm gif here], but My Fitness Pal brought to my attention that I was pretty much under my protein goal everyday and way over my carb and fat goal. Hashtag oops. Time to hit the protein shakes.

I thought it would just be a case of adding a scoop to my daily green smoothie and job done, however…that’s some funky tasting stuff right there! And also what’s with all the the stevia people??

I’ve tried a few protein powders and whilst I still don’t have a favourite brand yet there are some I prefer to others.

♥ Sun Warrior add stevia to all their flavoured powders (the classic, classic plus and the warrior blends) which left me with a quite synthetic after taste despite all the ingredients being raw. Sash and I have been trying out the warrior blends in vanilla, chocolate and natural flavours. I tried combing with other ingredients, watering it dow and adding extra cacao. The natural is unsweetened but has a rather distinctive flavour that is not easy to hide no matter what it’s blended with. Adding lemon juice is meant to help with the sweetness but I find this doesn’t always work, using avocado is a recent discovery which I will be making more use of. I find chocolate the best of all the Sun Warrior flavours.


{ adding everything to make it taste better }

Sun Warrior

Pulsin. Have several different versions of protein powder (love their chocolate chip vanilla protein bars). I wouldn’t drink this by itself, but have been making up my own concoctions using this along with other protein powders. The flavours I have tried, pea and hemp are however raw and unsweetened.

Synerprotein. The first ever protein powder I used about 6/7 years ago because I was told I would get less knots in my back if I was consuming more protein… It doesn’t taste particularly great, but then none of them do! It is soya based though so I haven’t tried it again as I like to keep my diet varied.

Vega. I actually prefer the vanilla version of Vega to Sunwarrior, whilst they are still sweetened with stevia it has a creamier taste. Typically my powder of choice and it’s not available in the UK. I have managed to get my hands on some through friends and my own visits to the U.S. and Canada.


Unfortunately my green smoothies have now dropped off since I’ve been on the protein shakes so I have been adding wheat grass powder occasionally to my standard mix which now involves Sun Warrior, Vega and Pulsin!

Do you have any protein powder recommendations?

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