Moveable Feast, London Bridge

19th September 2015

The Moveable Feast may well have been the best thing that ever happened to my lunchtimes. Reachable well within my one hour lunch slot I’ve been able to enjoy my favourite vegan foods.

It’s like a teeny tiny market – no more than 3 vendors at one time all of which are vegetarian and usually vegan too. It’s such a good idea, yes you get a bit sad when one your favourite stall moves on, but guess what?! It’s replaced with another just as wonderful stall selling something completely different.

Club Mexicana were one of the first to appear at MF, I made the most of easy access to my fav burrito let me tell you.


I was super excited to see Sarah aka Pomodore E Basilica replace CM, having only just discovered all the amazing thing she makes a few months ago. Don’t worry I have been making up for lost time. I even came back into London Bridge just to try her brunch and burgers on the weekend.

Pomodoro E Basilico, Moveable Feast, London Bridge

Pomodoro E Basilico, Moveable Feast, London Bridge

The excitement continued when Sarah was then replaced by another favourite and elusive Happy Maki. They are more festival based, so it’s quite rare to find them in London.

VegFest UK London, Olympia

I was also happy to see Horns Ok Please and their delicious dosa turn up who I literally just discovered a few weeks before at Borough Market.

Next month is MF’s final week before they close due to site development in their current location. Sarah is back serving up her amazing seitan burgers so you know where you can find me! In the meantime I will be crossing my fingers that MF will pop up somewhere in my locale again soon.


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