Vegfest UK London 2015

18th October 2015

That time of year comes around quick doesn’t it?! Sash and I visited last Sunday, all the feedback I heard about the show on the Saturday was that it was INSANELY busy, so we used our fail proof method of getting there early, hitting selected stalls and getting the hell out of there!

I was more interested in caterers this year as there didn’t seem to be many new brands that I hadn’t already tried, there were the usual suspects and we spotted a few other familiar faces whilst wandering round.

Vegfest 2015

{ Infamous vegan egg (not available yet) from Follow Your Heart that broke the internet when it was announced }

Vegfest 2015

{ Beautiful raw cakes from Paradise Unbakery }

Vegfest 2015

{ Gluten free pizza base samples from Venice Bakery }

I picked up the Halloween edition Round Up, which I think I actually prefer to the usual one, got some chocolates that I will be trying to save to enjoy over Christmas and some Follow Your Heart cheese shreds and half price mayo.


{ Ananda Foods Halloween edition Round Up }


{ Eat Chic peanut butter cup selection box }

Shopping and a little sample tasting done the Lil Man had his prerequisite Vegusto hot dog, I got a Happy Maki for later and tried Dosa Deli for the first time.

Vegfest 2015

{ Vegusto hot dog }

Vegfest 2015

{ Happy Maki }

Vegfest 2015Vegfest 2015

 { Dosa Deli keema and mysore masala dosas }

 I have to say I’ve noticed that I didn’t come back this year laden with goods as I used to in the old days, but I think that shows how good we vegans have it right now. The range of vegan products and accessibility in London means we no longer have to wait for a speciality event like Vegfest to pick up amazing vegan goodies and for that I am thankful!

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