V Curious Supper Club

27th November 2015

Ever since the La Belle Asiette dinner I have been watching out for further supper clubs with Rowena. With the promise of a vegan cheese board I had no problem persuading Sash to come with.

Heading back to North London where I grew up got me all nostalgic and set me up in a good mood for some vegan chow. Rowena was the perfect hostess as always and served up some really unique dishes in her ‘Saf’ish (circa Shoreditch) style mixing raw and cooked.

To start we had amuse bouche of sweet potato and sprouts and a divine barbecue sauce.

V Curious Supper Club, Haringey

Our starter was raw beetroot ravioli with lemon cashew cheese and a rosemary cream.

V Curious Supper Club, Haringey

Our main was a tower of quinoa, avocado and shiitake pilaf. I didn’t know that quinoa could be so jam packed with favour, she’s a wizard that Rowena!

V Curious Supper Club, Haringey

Dessert was a rich chocolate truffle tart served with some of Rowena’s amazing whipped coconut cream.

V Curious Supper Club, Haringey

But it didn’t stop there. CHEESE BOARD! This consisted of smoked gouda (my fav), basiron pesto cheese, piquant sun dried tomato coconut cheddar and lemon cashew cream cheese. Served with crackers and fresh fruit and veggies.

V Curious Supper Club, Haringey

I think I’m right in saying of the group of 10 diners, Sash and I were the only vegans (we’re not just v curious we just like to eat ALL the vegan food). There was plenty of appreciative noises from the rest of the group, that’s something pretty awesome right there, if the vegan food is keeping the omnis happy you know it’s good.

You can keep an eye on other events over on her website (hello private dinning! <3) and be sure to book in fast before those omnis take up all the spots 😉


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