29th December 2015

Just in time for my last few loves of 2015:

♥ Cocktails. Always in places you have to earn that cocktail by finding the entrance to the actual bar…

Cahoots, Soho

{ Cahoots }

The Mayor of Scardey Cat Town, Liverpool St

{ The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town }

The Mayor of Scardey Cat Town, Liverpool St

{ The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town }

The Discount Suit Company, Spitalfields

{ The Discount Suit Company }

Lounge Bohemia, Shoreditch

{ Lounge Bohemia }

♥ Home. King of Cook Daily has just reopened Thai & Lao with the new name Home and an all vegan menu. Also selling hoodies and tees now.

Home, Box Park

{ House pad Thai }

No Blood, No Bones

{ No blood. No bones. }

Roti Chai. I love that I am still discovering new things to eat, my new obsession – pain puri. A little crisp shell filled with potato and chickpeas which you then fill with a tamarind flavoured water.

Roti Chai, Marble Arch<

Roti Chai, Marble Arch

Roti Chai, Marble Arch

{ Their idli sambar is amazing too }

Phil T’s. Every food bloggers worst nightmare and dream. Don’t expect to be able to see the menu, the food or your companion, but you won’t care about the bad lighting because the food is so good. I dream of that buffalo cauliflower.

The Black Heart, Camden

Phil T&#x27;s at The Black Heart, Camden

{ Hoisin jackfruit in a steamed bun }

Phil T&#x27;s at The Black Heart, Camden

{ Southern fried king oyster mushrooms }

Phil T&#x27;s at The Black Heart, Camden

{ Buffalo cauliflower wings with blue cheese sauce }

Mildreds. The Soho institution has opened a second branch in Camden. Similar menu but a fancier decor and more room!

Mildreds, Camden Town

{ Polish burger }

Mildreds, Camden Town

{ coconut panna cotta with salted caramel espresso sauce }

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