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31st December 2015

I’m soon to be taking on my third Press juice cleanse so I thought I should really get round to blogging them as I did Press cleanses in September and December.

This year Press opened a branch right close to my work (finally a cold press juice bar in the city). I much prefer collecting juices rather than having them delivered which has been a bit of an inconveniecne in the past. So when they had a summer special on I decided to give them a go.

Press, St Pauls

From my other juicing experiences I know that anything less than 6 juices a day is not enough for me. Press’ standard cleanses come with 8 which I struggled to finish. I know that sounds crazy when you aren’t actually eating anything but I hate having to get up in the night so I tend not to drink a lot after 8pm, if ya know what I’m saying. On this occasion I went for the Tier 2 cleanse and switched the vanilla leche (leche being their amazing nut milk) for a cacao and switched back to 3 days rather than 1. Whilst I find 1-2 day cleanses easier I realised it doesn’t actually stop all those bad cravings I get and I think it genuinely does benefit me more doing it for longer.

My September cleanse was characterised by nausea days 1 and 2, although feeling energised which then tapered off to tiredness by day 3. Not unusual as it was also the regular busy period at work and I had been working late all those 3 days.

I took advantage of Black Friday to book my second 3 day cleanse with Press in December. However rather foolishly I selected the week of my office Christmas party, however the lovely people at Press (more on them below) allowed me to roll over my third day to next year (next week!). During the two days I most noticed that I had lots of energy and even did a flow yoga class when I would usually avoid exercise.

It always fascinates me that when you are juicing, yes you do get hungry which I find comes in waves, but you just ignore it and it does go away. But when I am not juicing I feel like I will die if I don’t eat?? I do think regularly drinking the juices helps with this a lot and drinking more fluid is probably something I should retain post juicing.

Press is in the higher price bracket of cleanses which is why I have never tried them before. After my first experience with them though I realised they do give value for money. Depending on which cleanse you do as well as the juices you get 2 cleansing waters plus one of their delicious nut milks (the tier 1 has both the vanilla and cacao). They had a winter spice limited edition leche which was seriously out of this world and helped me to ditch my spiralling out of control Costa chai latte habit.

With the cleanse you also get one of their snazzy reusable juice bags and I was also given some pre stamped loyalty cards which meant free juices for later. Because they are so conveniently located I never have any delivery costs and my juices are fresh every morning. I have had a previous experience with another supplier where juices were a bit funky by day 3.

Press, St Pauls

Plus the staff are amazing. They are always really friendly and helpful. If you want to switch juices/change dates during a cleanse they are so accommodating. They also do super cute things like leave you little notes in your juice package and draw on the food containers.

Roll on 5th of January, after all this Christmas excess I’m ready to reset!

Press, St Pauls

Press also serve smoothies, chocolate bars, raw balls, porridges and chia puddings. Check for vegan suitable some items do have honey/bee pollen.


{ Not sold on the Synergy porridge with avocado but crossing fingers the winter spice leche will be back next winter }

2 thoughts on “Review: Press”

  • Hi Mitsu

    Just read with interest about your juice cleanse. I was a bit taken aback by your comment about a different company’s juices being a bit funky by day 3, they were some sent by mail order. I’m thinking of buying some from Juice, in Scotland. I don’t expect you to tell me the name of the company, but would you be able to just confirm that it wasn’t Juice please? I’m in Torbay and have no choice but to order online.

    I love the new Tofuture press, excellent piece of kit, but out of my price range unfortunately.

    I hope you 2 girls are keeping well.

    Kindest wishes


    • We are good thanks Sue! It wasn’t Juice, if you have the room in your freezer I would recommend freezing the juices. I usually freeze day 3 and take them out the night before to preserve the quality. Is it Juice Warrior you’re trying?

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